Peacemaking involves considerably more than praying and petitioning for an end to war or advocating such short term goals as a reduction in military spending or stockpiles of nuclear weapons.  When Jesus says “blessed are the peacemakers” he is talking about disciples who are willing to “take up your cross” (i.e. be prepared to die as he did, if necessary) in order to follow him in the path of non-violent resistance to the powers of his day.  The peace he invites us to seek is “the peace that passes understanding,” God’s shalom--a peace so affirmative, comprehensive and universal that it doesn’t even make sense in societies so addicted to war and violence that they can’t even imagine living without these defenses.


At Peace House radical peacemaking means:

  • Proclaiming God’s peace as the only peace worth embracing.

  • Refusing to settle for anything called peace if it less than God’s shalom.

  • Renouncing and working hard to abstain from all violence in personal speech and action.

  • Endeavoring to love our enemies and praying for those who would do us harm. 

  • Resisting all war and official violence of every kind by peaceful means, including non-violent civil disobedience when necessary, and enduring the punishment for so doing.

  • Refraining from exploitation and depletion of the Earth's natural resources and endeavoring to care for all of God's creatures.

  •  Teaching these ways of radical peacemaking to adults, youth and children in our wider circle of acquaintances.